February 2017
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Meet the Team

Senior Class Gift Committee 2017

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Baoyun Cheo

Campaign Director & College Chair SA ’17 Being at Yale-NUS has given me countless opportunities, without which, I would have never experienced the grandeur of Spanish landscapes, Greek history, European art and provocative Chinese literature. So here I am, trying to give back in the small ways I know how, hoping that future batches of students will be able to experience the same, if not a better Yale-NUS.

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David Chia

Art & Marketing Director, CN ’17 Slowly and inevitably, Cendana is becoming a huge part of my routine and my Yale-NUS experience. I’ve learned (and unlearned) so much from the people here. Over the past three or so years, I have been insurmountably grateful for all the giving and sharing of finances, experiences, and reflection. So I’m sitting on the Senior Class Gift Committee to give back to a place that has given me more than any college student elsewhere could have asked for. As a pioneer, trailblazer and type-A enthusiast, I’m excited for yet another opportunity to sustain and support Cendana and the wider college community!

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Chua Wan Ping

College Chair, EL ’17 I’m an environmental studies student interested in the food and agriculture sector. Outside of classes, you will probably find me at a rock climbing wall, or working on I’dECO, an environmental service organisation I co-founded! The Toh Chin Chye Study Award has allowed me to focus on my studies and pursue two of my great loves – Chinese literature and the environment. Through funding from the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, I’ve also had the fortune to engage in experiential learning in Shanghai and Beijing. As Elm College Chair for the Senior Class Gift Committee, I hope to help future Yale-NUS students gain resources and opportunities to pursue their passions!

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Willie Khoo

College Chair, CN ’17 I’ll admit that I enthusiastically joined the Senior Class Gift Committee not fully knowing what the job entailed. I wasn’t aware that the campaign was a purely financial endeavour; I actually thought the senior class gift was something that our class would create together to bestow on the rest of the college, like a play or a mass massage session or an obnoxious Harlem Shake video or a synchronized swimming act in the eco-pond or a house of 150 cards or some combination of the above. Nevertheless, I believe in the importance and symbolism of collectively building a fund to give back to the college. This will set a precedent of generosity and gratitude for future classes to emulate. And who’s to say that we can’t still come up with our own informal non-monetary gift?

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Chia Teck Yuke

Commitee Member, EL ’17 I decided to join this committee because I have benefited tremendously from the offerings of the College – from international opportunities during Week 7 and LABs to improving my communication skills in both the Writing Centre and CIPE – and I thus feel compelled to contribute back. Although the Senior Class Gift might not necessarily raise a huge sum, it’s an important way for us to show our appreciation towards and ownership of this institution that we have shaped, and that has shaped us!

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Aaron Kurzak

Committee Member, SA ’17 Joined to deliver fiscal discipline, which I am predestined to deliver as I am German. Austerity, in this case, should not be the order of the day. For this gift, spend into a deficit even if the post-graduation boom is unlikely to follow.

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Zach Mahon

Commitee Member, EL ’17 Senior Class Gift is extremely important because it’s where Yale-NUS alumni begin to extend the culture of participation and support that exists on campus. For Yale-NUS to reach its full potential in making a difference in people’s lives, the community must unite as we graduate so that we set a precedent for doing so in the future. Let’s all give what we can so our community can continue getting stronger.

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